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Pet insurance made easy - Glossary

Our glossary will help you to understand some of the commonly used phrases within pet insurance.

Lifetime policy

We have 2 types of Lifetime policies with different levels of cover. Our Super, Superior, Superior Plus and Prestige policies have an ‘Annual condition limit’ to cover each condition (or illness) your pet may suffer.

We’ll pay the vet’s fees for each condition, up to your chosen cover limit. Once a specific condition has reached the limit chosen, that condition will not be covered until the policy renews and the limits become available again for each condition. This means that some chronic conditions like arthritis, can be covered year after year and does not impact on the amount of cover you have left for any other conditions your pet may suffer from in that policy year. a Lifetime condition limit does not apply.

Each condition is subject to the Annual condition limit. This limit refreshes at renewal year after year, as long as you have the policy with us.

Our Assure and Assure Plus policies have an ‘Annual policy limit‘ and we’ll pay vet’s fees up to your chosen annual cover amount in one policy year. This means that you have an annual limit and each payable claim submitted will be deducted from this total.

There is no limit to the number of claims you can submit and you can submit claims until the annual limit has been reached. Once you reach your annual limit in that policy year, you’ll not be able to make any more claims until you renew your policy and the amount becomes available again. This means that some chronic conditions, like epilepsy, can be covered year after year.

The policy needs to be renewed to ensure your pet is covered for new treatment for illnesses and injuries in the following policy period (usually a year). This means a long-term or recurring illness or injury that has needed treatment in one year will be covered again by the policy the next year. There is no limit to how many times the illness or injury can be covered in this way, as long as the insurance policy is in force.

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