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Pet insurance made easy - Glossary

Our glossary will help you to understand some of the commonly used phrases within pet insurance.

Lifetime policy

Lifetime policies insure your pet for new medical illnesses and injuries. This means that any illness or injury they had before the policy will not be covered.

Your pet is covered up to a set amount for each condition, each year for as long as the insurance policy remains in force. If the condition limit is reached during the policy year, your pet will not be covered for any further treatment for that condition during that year. Each time you renew your policy the full amount of money becomes available again.

The policy needs to be renewed to ensure your pet is covered for new treatment for illnesses and injuries in the following policy period (usually a year). This means a long-term or recurring illness or injury that has needed treatment in one year will be covered again by the policy the next year. There is no limit to how many times the illness or injury can be covered in this way, as long as the insurance policy is in force.

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