Here to support you and your pets - business as usual at Animal Friends. To help us minimise any impact for our customers, we ask that you avoid where possible sending claims to us via post during this time unless absolutely necessary. Pawtal, our online claims system for vets, is still the fastest way to process a claim. Please speak to your vet to submit the claim at

Pet insurance made easy - Glossary

Our glossary will help you to understand some of the commonly used phrases within pet insurance.


Pet Vaccinations are provided by your veterinary practice to prevent your pet from falling ill. Your pet will be vaccinated against a core group of infectious diseases that can affect pets and humans. If your pet’s vaccinations are not up to date, or you choose not to vaccinate your pet, your policy will still be valid. However, any conditions that your pet may develop that can be prevented by the vaccinations will not be covered.

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