How can I make sure my claim is processed quickly?


To make sure your claim is processed without a hitch you need to make sure:

  • You’ve selected the right form for your claim
  • The form is signed by the policyholder and the vet who carried out the treatment/appointment
  • You include a full medical history from all vets your pet has attended
  • An invoice with a full breakdown of the treatment is included
  • BACS details are included so that the relevant person can be paid; either yours if you paid your vet up front or your vet’s if we are paying them
  • If you pay by monthly direct debit we can only pay into the account we take payment from
  • If you wish for us to deal with your vet directly, please make sure this option is ticked on your claim form
  • All details must be correct, so please double-check them before sending

Alternatively, your vet can claim directly from us using our Pawtal system. Your vet should be able to tell you if they’re signed up to the service.

Your claim will then be reviewed in line with our T&Cs.

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