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My pet is missing. How can Animal Friends help?


If your dog or cat has been missing from your home address (this must be the address registered on your policy) for longer than 48 hours, you may be able to claim for the cost of advertising and the cost of a reward for the safe return of your pet. Please note that the Advertising and Reward benefit is not available on our Accident Only policy.

If you have our Prestige policy, we’ll provide cover for the cost up to a maximum of £1,000 for advertising and reward. For other cat and dog policies we’ll provide cover for the cost towards advertising and a reward for your lost pet up to a maximum of £200.
Before you claim you’ll need to agree the reward amount to be offered with our claims team, by emailing them at claims@animalfriends.co.uk. Please note, the reward cannot exceed the purchase price paid for your pet

To claim for this, you will need a Loss of Pet claim form and evidence of the costs involved in advertising, such as receipts for advertising and proof of payment for reward. You can request a Loss of Pet claim form by calling us on 0344 557 0300 or emailing claims@animalfriends.co.uk.

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