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Will I be able to get medication for my pet through Joii?


Yes. The veterinary team will be able to recommend hundreds of products to help treat your pet for non-emergency situations. You will be able to order these through the Joii app and they will be delivered to your home.

Please note that a range of products are classed as prescription only medications. The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeon guidelines currently state these can only be dispensed for pets after a physical consultation with a vet. However these guidelines have been lifted during the Covid 19 pandemic.

Through Joii, our customers can access almost all medications your pet may need following a video call consultation with a Joii vet, including these conditions requiring prescription medications:

  • Painkillers for conditions like arthritis
  • Heart medications
  • Antibiotics for all sorts of infections like wounds
  • Eye and ear drops
  • Antiepileptics for treating pets with fits
  • Insulin for diabetes
  • Many flea and worm treatments
  • Treatment for hormonal diseases such as thyroid problems.

Most conditions can be diagnosed and managed through video consultations. Joii vets will always advise you if your pet has an emergency and needs to see a vet in person. They will also offer support with how you can do this as safely as possible, under the current circumstances.

It is uncertain whether the guidelines will continue to be lifted in the future when any lockdown guidelines have changed, but we will continue to keep you informed.

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