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Why can’t I log into my account?


Have you registered?

You will need to register before you can log in to view your details.

Please note that purchasing your policy online does not automatically mean you have signed up for an online account.

To register, go to https://hub.animalfriends.co.uk and click on the “Register” button at the bottom, which will then bring up an online form for you to complete.

The details you enter will need to match the details we currently hold for you.

Page keeps ‘refreshing’ or ‘loading’

If you are still unable to access your account when you try to login or you are logged in and the page is ‘loading’ but you cannot see your policies, you may need to change your browser settings to allow third-party cookies. This should stop the page ‘refreshing’ and blocking you from continuing to your account.

  • If you are using Safari, select Preferences, then Privacy, and then untick the ‘prevent cross-site tracking’ box.
  • If you are using Chrome select Settings, go into Site Settings which is in the privacy and security section, then select cookies and site data. Block third-party cookies needs to be off.

For all other browsers, please check your privacy settings.

If you are still unable to register or log into your account, please let us know by emailing the details to info@animalfriends.co.uk.


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