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10 Ways a Senior Pet Will Melt Your Heart

10 Ways a Senior Pet Will Melt Your Heart

As much as having a puppy or kitten in your life is a joyful experience, senior pets are a wonderful addition to anyone’s household. We thought we’d take a look at some of the ways having an older pet can light up your life.

1. They’ve been in your life long enough to know exactly when you need a comforting cat-cuddle or dog-snuggle.

2. You know them so well that you can read their mannerisms and facial expressions like a book.

3. They know your daily routine by heart so they’re sat by the door, waiting for you to come home and tell them all about your day.

4. Instead of running helter-skelter about the place when you’re out together they’ll run by your side and keep you company.

5. Occasionally they’ll have a burst of puppyish excitement or kittenish playfulness which will result in hilarious mischief.

6. They are more than happy to be your foot-warmer on chilly winter evenings.

7. They’re more likely to fetch your slippers than chew them to pieces.

8. They’re wonderful confidants as they are great listeners and will never get bored or judgmental… and they’ll never tell a soul.

9. They know just how to play it when they want an extra snack or treat, and you’re more than happy to oblige.

10. Every day they love you more and more.

How do you show your senior pet that you love them? How do they melt your heart?


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