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4 Games to Play on Rainy Days

4 Games to Play on Rainy Days

As the days get darker, colder and wetter it becomes less and less appealing to play with our pets for long periods outdoors. While it is still essential to take dogs for daily walks and make sure cats are remaining active, it’s always helpful to have some extra tricks up your sleeve to keep them busy and engaged without getting completely waterlogged. Here are our 4 favourite games for rainy days.

Puzzle treats

There are plenty of different versions of puzzle treats. One of the most popular is the KONG range which comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, and there’s even an “Extreme” range for particularly persistent chewers. You simply fill them with a snack food (there are hundreds of “recipes” for fillings online) and give them to your pet for hours of entertainment.

Tablet games

Technology is much a massive part of many of our lives it’s hardly surprising that there is now a market for apps and games specifically for pets and their owners. For those with tablets or smartphones there is a lot to choose from; laser pointer simulators, mouse-chasing games and even nose-activated cameras. Just remember to put on a hard case or screen protector if you’re going to let your pet play on your phone or tablet, and supervise them at all times.

Training practice

Training is a great way to bond with your pet, whatever their age or species. Spending time working together to either drill old commands or learn a new skill will keep your pet mentally engaged and give you both something physical to enjoy together when it’s cold outside.


Who says Hide-and-Seek is a children’s game? There are lots of ways to play, like hiding a treat or favourite toy and telling your pet to go and find them, but I find the best way is to involve another person. Get them to hide out of sight with a treat while you keep your dog or cat in another room with you, them get the other person to call them. While your pet goes to find the other player, you can hide yourself, also with a treat. When your pet has found the other person, you can call your pet to you while they hide again. This is a fun way to give your pet a bit of a run around while keeping them on their toes and can go on for as long as the treats last!

What’s your favourite rainy-day game to play with your pet? Do you have an app they like, or a favourite toy? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!


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