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5 Stories that touched our hearts

5 Stories that touched our hearts

Every year there are stories in the news about heroic animals and pet-lovers all around the world who do incredible things. Here are just a handful of news stories that we felt were especially moving this year.

Rescuers save dog who fell into a tar pit

In August this year an unfortunate dog was discovered frozen on position having fallen into a tar pit in India. Animal Aid volunteers spent two days massaging him with vegetable oil to gently melt the solidified tar and cleaning the poor dog’s fur to get rid of the sticky residue left behind. The dog is now fully recovered. It’s wonderful to read about people who are willing to dedicate so much time and work to a stray animal.

Tara the cat rescues her owner’s son from a dog attack

The world was shocked in May by footage of a young boy cycling in his driveway before being viciously attacked by a neighbour’s dog. This story could have had a tragic ending if it weren’t for the boy’s cat, Tara, who leapt to his rescue, fighting the dog off and chasing him away so that his parents could tend to his wounds. The four-year old needed stitches but called his cat “a hero”.

Supporters pledge over £2 million to help rebuild the Manchester Dogs Home

After the Manchester Dogs Home was set ablaze by an arsonist, dog-lovers all over the country were stunned and horrified. Dozens of dogs tragically lost their lives, and nothing will ever make up for the senseless death of those poor animals. Thousands of people rallied and donated money, food and bedding to the shelter to help it get back on its feet. To date there is still a lot of work to be done, but the response has been truly staggering and it has restored faith in humanity for those who were jaded by the horrendous arson attack.

Mystery cat makes its way from Israel to Devon

A 28-year old shop worker tried to trace the owners of a stray cat who visited her at work, only to find that he was originally from Israel! It’s still not known how the cat managed to travel so far, or where his owners are, but the search continues.

Sakina the Donkey receives treatment in Marrakech

We have often sung the praises of SPANA and we couldn’t resist including the story of Sakina, a donkey whose owner trekked ten miles to make sure his beloved donkey received treatment, after her back legs were badly burned on an oven in a busy marketplace. Sakina is still being treated for her injuries, which resulted in swelling and lameness, but she is expected to make a full recovery, and has even made a new friend called Duha.

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