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A dog owner’s summer survival guide

With summer here and with even more heatwaves to come, dog owners do anything they can to make sure their pooch is cool and comfortable and sometimes forget it’s important to take care of themselves in the summer months, too.

Here are a few top tips for summer self-care as a dog owner.

You need water, too

While out on a walk you might have packed a bottle of water for your dog or taken a route that passes the local river so that your dog can go for a cooling dip but don’t forget that water is important for you, too.

Our body loses a lot more fluids in the summer so it’s important to make sure we replace the lost H2O to stay fit and healthy.

Sun cream

While we always remember to lather our kids with sunscreen, it’s just as important as adults and can drastically decrease your risk of developing skin cancer. Even when the sun is hiding behind the clouds on a grey summer’s day just remember that up to 80 per cent of its rays can still pass through.

It’s okay not to go out

If it’s just too hot outside for you and your dog, then it’s okay to stay indoors. Don’t feel bad for taking a day away from the sun, your dog will probably appreciate it too. It might be the perfect opportunity to introduce some new games.

Get an indoor fan

Our houses are full of windows which is perfect for letting the daylight in and light up our space. But this also means that our rooms can get uncomfortably hot, and sometimes it may not be possible to open the windows if you have a mischievous dog or young puppy.

Indoor fans are relatively inexpensive and mean that you can stay inside and enjoy a cool environment without getting hot and bothered, and not have to worry about your pet escaping.

Buy a paddling pool

When it’s hot there’s nothing better than dipping your feet in cold water so why not buy a paddling pool that you and your dog can enjoy. There are plenty of different dog-friendly pools out there these days, from rigid plastic ones to collapsible or foldable tubs to save on space when the sun goes into hiding again in winter.

Harley and Marvel

Make sure you keep you and your pets cool and hydrated today – Harley and Marvel are doing just that ?☀️

Posted by Animal Friends Pet Insurance on Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Other people’s dogs

It’s not just you making the most of the weather with your dog, all the other owners are too! Which means there are more dogs out-and-about during the summertime and it’s likely there will be interactions between them and you.

While most dogs are relatively well-behaved with humans, other dogs or children can get them excitable or aggressive and sometimes this can turn into a fight or brawl.

Learn how to spot the signs of aggression or excitement in dogs, and the best ways of dealing with them and defusing a situation. It also goes without saying to always keep your eyes on any children when dogs are around.

Taking care of yourself will ensure that the best you can look after your dog and you’ll both stay safe this summer.


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