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A Review of the Dicky Bag

Dicky Bag Features

Dog Poo – Something needs to be done.

When looking for pet products to test I try and look for innovative ideas that can really make a difference to pet owners. This review focusses on a product that tackles dog mess, which I think is not just a problem for me but many dog owners. I am never sure what I find more disagreeable, people that don’t pick up their dog mess at all or those that hang the filled bags on fence trees and gates for all to see. Does the problem start with the fact that many of the bins provided always seem full or the fact there are often few, if not no bins available? Whilst scouring the internet looking at this issue I discovered a British made innovation, the Dicky Bag.

The Dicky Bag is made out of neoprene (the same material as wetsuits), is lightweight, machine washable and airtight, meaning that it is leak-proof and doesn’t let out any smells. Perfect for storing those nasty knotted plastic bags until you find a suitable bin. When it arrived at the office I could see it was much more than a simple bag to carry your dog’s mess in; the company have put real thought into the design.

I was originally wondering whether it would just be something else to add to my busy hands when walking my two troublesome dogs, I usually already have two leads and my phone; would I need something else to carry?

It comes in a range of sizes but for a Border Terrier and Cocker Spaniel I had a medium and this was sufficient. I tested it on my lovely Sunday walk along the Bradford-on-Avon canal. I chose this walk because it is a very public area with only two dog waste bins available. Wellie (the Cocker Spaniel) was the first to put it to the test. I took the conveniently-held biodegradable poo bags out of the top of the Dicky Bag, cleaned up, tied a not in the poo bag and then popped it into the bottom; zip done up, reattached to belt and off we go- brilliant. Then Archie (the Border Terrier) had his turn, I opened up the bag and went through the same process, the bag comes with a fantastic air freshener to keep everything smelling nice. We stopped at a café and this is where the product came into its own, we sat outside and I just unclipped it off my belt and popped it on the floor. I didn’t have to worry about what to do with any embarrassing bags of poo. I sat with 8 other dog walkers who all thought the Dicky Bag was a fantastic idea.

When we got back to the car I just popped it in the boot with the dogs. It was really cold on Sunday so heaters were on full blast to warm through and no smells came from the Dicky Bag and I could happily dispose of its contents when I got home. The Dicky Bag is priced from £21 which I initially thought was expensive but when you think you will use it every day, and the fact that it is made to last, then I think it will become a must have for any dog walker (It’s less than a big bag of their food). I can honestly say this is a product I will continue to use and recommend to other dog owners.

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