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Animal Friends Insurance teams up with Dog First Aid

Imagine the scene:

You are out on a frosty morning walk with Boris who is a three-year-old Golden Retriever, you have walked this route many times and are both enjoying the fresh air and exercise.

Boris is loving having a good sniff around in the bushes but then you become aware that something is wrong. Boris doesn’t come back when you call.

You find him in distress with a cut to his leg which is bleeding heavily…

What do you do?

For most of us pet owners who aren’t trained in veterinary medicine, the thought of having to cope with this scenario or similar incidents where your beloved pet is injured or sick is very scary.

We felt that as pet parents ourselves here at Animal Friends Insurance we wanted to be able to equip people with the tools to help keep their dog safe and deal with an emergency situation.

That’s why we have teamed up with Jo Middleton, Director of Dog First Aid Franchise Ltd and are excited to have a packed programme of advice, videos, and offers planned for 2020.

Jo has years of experience and has helped first aid train thousands of dog lovers across the country. Her award-winning business provides face to face training to enable pet parents and dog walkers to stay calm and take emergency action if needed.

Jo says: “We are delighted to be working with Animal Friends Insurance, I personally have been insured with them since 2011 and as someone heavily involved in the dog rescue world I end up with dogs who often have various ailments. Dog First Aid Franchise Ltd raise thousands of pounds for non-profit organisations through our courses and knowing that Animal Friends has raised over £4 million for charitable organisations really aligns them with our values.  We look forward to instilling AFI followers with the confidence to act and implement the vital skills they need to bridge the gap between an emergency situation occurring with their dogs and getting the dog to the vet.”

Patricia Gardiner Marketing Manager said: “We are thrilled to be working with Jo and the Dog First Aid team, we feel it’s important that we share the knowledge and skills to enable our pet parents to take initial action in a dog medical emergency just as we would provide first aid for a person. Having these skills could help you to save a dog’s life.”

Jo is quick to remind us that just as you would call an ambulance for a human patient you must contact a Vet or have someone else call whilst you give first aid as the Vet can give expert advice for the specific situation. The dog must be seen by a veterinary expert after any situation such as this.

Jo will be hosting a series of first aid video clips and blogs throughout the year. We will also be offering the fantastic opportunity to win places on one of Jo’s dog first aid courses so look out for more information on our Facebook, Twitter and website.

Back to Boris:

You remain calm and use your Dog First Aid skills to assess the situation, call your Vet for help and take action to stem the bleeding and reassure Boris.

Later that day…

Boris is safely back at home after being patched up by the Vet and is enjoying a snooze on the rug.

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