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When it comes to owning cats, I’ve found that the best method is to let the cat rule you. It’s far less stress inducing when all you have to do is wait for the cat to tell you that it’s time for tea, or that outside is the place to be. I’ve got a fairly autonomous relationship with my cat, and I think that’s how we both prefer it.

Of course, my cat doesn’t need to be ‘needy’ for me to have to work a little bit. One of the least enjoyable parts of our relationship, in my opinion, is the routine cleaning of the litter box. You can’t leave it to long, especially if guests are visiting, but you can end up going through a lot of litter if you’re too meticulous (or if your cat is particularly prissy!). I don’t enjoy cleaning up after my pets, but it’s a messy and unhealthy habit if you don’t.


I’ve been trialling an automated cat litter tray recently to see how much easier that made the chores. At first it was unapproachable; a frightening portal that might as well have gone to another dimension for all my cat cared – it wasn’t getting used, and that was the end of that. Fortunately, with a lot of encouragement on my side and some serious thinking by my cat, it started to be used. Since then, not a problem at all; in fact, my cat enjoys the occasional mechanical whizz from the machine as it sorts the mess from the clean litter – I’ve even caught him purring along with it!

I highly recommend a test of the automated cat litter trays that you can find on the market at the moment, as they can make that unpleasant part of owning cats just that little bit easier. Make sure your cat is secure with the machine before you go upgrading, or you may find yourself with a particularly unhappy kitty.

To find out more about how to care for your cat, visit our blog, article and guide pages. Insuring your pet gives you peace of mind that you and your pet will be covered if anything were to happen. Animal Friends offer a range of policies for dogs, cats and horses, and we also insure older pets.


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