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Autumn dog walking fashion

The seasons have swiftly changed and there’s a chill in the air. Those thin summer jumpers will do for now, but soon the winter gear is going to have to come out of hiding. So, what exactly do you need to enjoy autumn dog walks in style?

Pockets are key

You’ll want a pocket for your phone, your house keys, and the pile of necessary poo bags. So, whether these are on your jeans, trackie bottoms, jacket or hoodie, if you have some storage you’ll be just fine.

Buy some wellies

To avoid soggy feet, a pair of wellington boots are a must! The best thing about wellies is that you can wear any pair of socks, from thin to thick, to protect your feet from the cold. For extra protection on the chilliest days, invest in some fleece liners!

Accessorise with necessities

Your dog’s collar, lead and harness can add some style to your outfit of choice. You could even coordinate your clothes to match your dog. Or, why not buy some dog-related accessories?

Aim for comfort

While you might bump into familiar faces or old acquaintances on your walk, comfort should always come before style. You can often achieve both but try to think of all the dog walk eventualities that might be affected by your outfit. Slippery paths, muddy tracks, picking up poo, meeting excited dogs, the list goes on.

Layers look good

Layers are a good way to stay warm and look great, and it’s an easy look to achieve. Just wear about four top layers. Think vests, t-shirts, hoodies and a gilet. If it’s really cold, pop on a coat. This can create the perfect autumn look with minimal effort.

Clothing with vents

If your dog is feeling energetic or the terrain is a little more hilly than usual, it can be quite easy to work up a sweat. Jackets with vents under the armpits, or trousers with vents on the inner leg can help lose most of the unwanted heat, without the necessity to take your layers off – crucial if it is raining or you need the protection from thorny foliage like brambles etc.

Think about the pace

If you find yourself breaking into a run midway through a walk, why not wear some exercise gear just in case? They’re warm but breathable, a perfect autumn dog walk combo.

The ultimate outfit addition is always the poo bags. Don’t forget these as your dog is almost guaranteed to have a number two on the day you do!

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