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Dog Friendly Picnic

With schools all finished and some partially warm weather, you might have rummaged to find the picnic basket. The best thing about picnics is that all the family can join in. So, we’ve written some top tips for the perfect dog-friendly picnic. No one needs to miss out this summer!

Dog-Friendly Picnic Checklist

Perfect Picnic Spot

There are plenty of perfect spots around the country, whether you’re from the hills of Wales or the very centre of London. You can pick from your favourite park or venture to somewhere new.

The first tip is to make sure you pick somewhere that allows dogs. A dog-friendly beach, park or field is the first step to your dog-friendly picnic. Once you’ve arrived at your destination it might be a good idea to pick a spot that offers some shade. This allows for everyone to keep cool and hide from the relentless rays.Then, unpack your blanket and basket and grab a ball!

Having a pre-picnic play will mean you’ll have a happy and tired ready to settle on the blanket and have some food. Make sure that a bowl of water is ready for when you finish the game of fetch. Once you’re both tired and stomachs are growling you can settle down on the blanket and tuck into the perfectly dog-friendly picnic.

Perfect Dog-Friendly Picnic Goodies

You’ll need to make sure everything packed for the picnic is okay for everyone to eat. This will stop the kids feeding their best friends foods that aren’t so dog-friendly. Here’s a list of foods perfectly fine to pack in the basket:

Or even better, you could fill a treat dispensing toy with a mix from the list above to keep your dog happy and occupied.  If your favourite picnic spot is close by you could even freeze it. Perfect for keeping your pooch nice and cool.

The last thing to do is relax, enjoy the food in the shade, have fun and remember to take photos and enter our #becool competition. Keep an eye out on our blog and Facebook page for more fun, interesting pet related pictures, competitions and information.