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Animal Friends / Customer Story – Melody the Horse

Nevern Melody the Thoroughbred

For our customer story this month Miss Rogers tells us about her lovely horse, Melody, who is a 15 year old, 16.1hh, thoroughbred ex-racehorse. Melody has been through quite a lot over the last year. Here is what her owner Miss Rogers shared with us: ‘I saw her in a stable one day back in … Continued

Animal Friends / Our Animal Friends: Flo the French Bulldog

Flo the French Bulldog

Your name and department: Sophie – Customer Service Your pet’s name: Flo How old is she: Approximately 2 years Breed: French Bulldog – Brindle colour What does she look like: In our words a “Bat pig” as she has stuck up ears with one slightly bent at the top and she likes to snort a lot! What is … Continued

Animal Friends / Vet Fees: How Much is Too Much?

vet fees

Evan Davis and Justin Webb took to Radio 4 in early February to ask a difficult question: When it comes to life-saving veterinary treatment, how much is too much? This question is always an uncomfortable one to answer, but it is an important one. Unless you’ve got unlimited funds at your disposal, the limit might … Continued

Animal Friends / Our Animal Friends – Keltie the Golden Retriever

Keltie the Golden Retriever

Your name and department: Emma – Sales Your pet’s name: Keltie How old is she: 12 years Breed: Golden Retriever What does she look like: She is golden with natural grey highlights (due to her age) around her face. She also has a black spot on her back! What is her favourite… Toy: She likes to destroy her toys, however … Continued

Animal Friends / Our Animal Friends: Bubble and Fizz

Fizz and Bubble

Your name and department:  Josh – Marketing Your pets’ names:  Bubble and Fizz How old are they:  15/16 yrs Breed:  Domestic Shorthairs What do they look like:  Bubble has white/black/brown fur. Fizz has black/brown fur and he’s got quite a gut on him! What are their favourite… Toys:  Nothing for Bubble.  He’s only interested in … Continued

Animal Friends / Our Animal Friends: Fraggles & Rufus

Frazzles and Rufus

Your name and department:  Claire – Sales Equine Your pet’s names:  Fraggles and Rufus How old are they:  Fraggles is 9 years old.  Rufus is 4 years old. Breed:  Cross-breeds What do they look like:  Fraggles is white with a tan head, tan spots and a scruffy coat.  Rufus is black/dark brown with a white nose … Continued

Animal Friends / Customer Story – Mr Hampson and Hector

Hector Hampson

Mr Hampson and his dog Hector Each month we decided it would be a lovely idea to look to our customers to share their own stories of their pets. This month, we have Mr Hampson’s story of his much loved English Bull Terrier, Hector.  Hector unfortunately passed away recently, but here’s what his owner Mr … Continued

Animal Friends / Our Animal Friends: Daisy the German Shepherd

Your name and department:    Lindy – Claims Your pet’s name:   Daisy How old is she:  She’s 10 years old Breed:  German Shepherd Dog What does she look like:  Absolutely beautiful.  Cream/white long coated. What is her favourite…    Toy:    Kong Food:    She’s not too bothered about food!  She does like Dentastix though. Thing to do:   Sleeping on … Continued

Animal Friends / Vote for us at the Moneywise Customer Service Awards 2016

moneywise customer service awards

We are pleased to announce that you can now vote for us in The Moneywise Customer Service Awards 2016. This award will allow you to vote for the financial service provider that you feel offers outstanding customer service and great value for money. 2015 was such a huge year for us at Animal Friends Insurance, winning the … Continued