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Animal Welfare / How to Balance Your Pet with Your Lifestyle

In these modern times we are all getting busier. Between our jobs, families and social calendars it can be difficult to find a moment for ourselves. But what about our pet pals? I’ve learned from experience that even having smaller, contained critters like a goldfish or hamster can be time consuming, so what about larger … Continued

Animal Welfare / Endangered Species Spotlight: Northern Sportive Lemur

Northern Sportive Lemur The animated film Madagascar put the titular little African island in the forefront of people’s minds when it comes to lemurs. There are almost 60 types of lemur who live in Madagascar and one of the most endangered of these is the Northern Sportive Lemur, so called because it takes up a … Continued

Animal Welfare / Endangered Species Spotlight: The Vaquita

In modern times humans have eradicated four types of marine mammal, most recently the Chinese River Dolphin in 2006. Of all of the creatures in our seas and oceans currently under threat of extinction there are few more endangered, or more adorable, than the Vaquita, a tiny porpoise that lives off the coast of Mexico. … Continued

Animal Welfare / Endangered Species Spotlight: The Amur Leopard

Endangered Species Spotlight: The Amur Leopard

With only 45 left in the wild the Amur Leopard is severely threatened. This beautiful large cat makes its home on the woodland border of China and Russia in a range smaller than Dorset. Appearance They are relatively small leopards with thick, soft coats that range from pale yellow to rusty, orange-copper with black spots … Continued

Animal Welfare / The Manchester Dogs’ Home Fire: And the Two Sides to Human Nature

Upon hearing the news that Manchester Dogs’ Home was set alight last night (Thursday 11th September) killing 60 dogs (at the time of writing), everyone here at Animal Friends Pet Insurance is in a state of shock. When you think that literally millions of people in the UK alone dedicate their everyday lives to helping … Continued

Animal Welfare / The Badger Cull: What Do We Know?

Today the badger cull was reinstated in areas of Somerset and Gloucestershire despite vociferous opposition by celebrities, the RSPCA, scientists, charities and members of the public. The government has set a target to shoot at least 316 badgers in Somerset and 615 in Gloucestershire. Marksmen involved have said that they are confident that they will … Continued

Animal Welfare / Endangered Species Spotlight: The Saola

While it is unlikely that unicorns once roamed the Earth, the Saola (also known as the Asian Unicorn) is a very real creature. Though, throughout history it’s been about as hard to find as its magical namesake! A little-known kind of antelope, the Saola is relative of cattle, bison and buffalo and is native to … Continued

Animal Welfare / The UK’s Attitude to Microchipping Revealed

Lost or stolen pets, and should vets check? Our survey results are in! Losing a pet is every owner’s nightmare, and since microchipping is intended to help lost pets be returned quickly and safely, you might assume it’d be one of the first things owners would do. But since vets don’t currently check pets for … Continued