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Animal Welfare / Introducing a Baby to a Senior Pet

Introducing a baby into your life is an exciting and, sometimes daunting, time for everyone. There are new experiences around every corner and people often say that you’re never entirely prepared for the way your life will change when your family grows. For your pets it can be a confusing, or even frightening, time. The … Continued

Animal Welfare / Four Feats of Animal Heroism

Feats of animal heroism are enough to melt the heart of even the hardest cynic. Many creatures have saved many lives with their quick thinking or instinctive behaviour. Here are some of the most notable examples. Moko the dolphin Many tales of heroism come from the animal being in the right place at the right … Continued

Animal Friends / Smokie’s Story

Now and again our policyholders get in touch to tell us about their experience with our pet insurance, and some of the scrapes their pets get into. Smokie’s owner emailed in to tell us the remarkable story of their cat, who has definitely used up one of his nine lives! Please be advised, parts of … Continued

Animal Welfare / Adopting a Senior Pet

When people talk about getting a new pet you might think of a kitten or a puppy, but a pet doesn’t have to be young when they join your family. Thousands of older dogs and cats are waiting to be rehomed for one reason or another. Unfortunately people tend to assume that they need to … Continued

Animal Welfare / How to Keep Senior Pets Stimulated

As your pet gets older you may find that they are less interested in things than they once were. Exercise may seem less appealing to them and they might stop playing with toys that were once their favourite things in the world. Age needn’t prevent your pet from having a fulfilling, stimulating life; it might … Continued

Animal Welfare / Seasonal adaptations for senior pets

As much as we might love the changing colours of the autumn leaves, the seasons can bring changes that make life a little trickier for animals, especially senior pets. The key is to be prepared so that, whatever the weather, you can provide a nurturing home environment for your cat or dog. Temperature Older pets … Continued

Animal Welfare / Six Things to Consider When Rescuing a Cat or Dog

Adopting a pet is a great thing to do, but it’s also a decision that should not be taken lightly. If you rush into adopting a cat or dog without considering all the important aspects, you could run into some serious problems. So what should you think about before rescuing a new pet? Here are … Continued

Animal Welfare / Pets Being Abandoned for the Holidays

It’s been a decidedly rainy August so far, and many of us are making use of the last month of the summer holidays to go abroad and soak up some sunshine. While the majority of owners will have made provisions for their pets well in advance, new figures released by Battersea suggest that this isn’t … Continued

Animal Welfare / What Does The Hunting Vote Mean?

On Wednesday 15th July there will be a Commons vote to decide whether the laws surrounding hunting should be relaxed*. We take a look at how this vote came about, what the current laws are, and what the result could be. The Hunting Act 2004 was enacted by the last Labour government. The act explicitly … Continued