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Animal Welfare / How Does Stress Affect Animals?

You might be surprised to hear that it’s not only humans who suffer from stress related illness, but that our furry friends can suffer from stress related conditions too. Some animals, particularly rescued pets, may have had a traumatic start in life, causing them anxiety later on. Even wild animals can suffer from stress related … Continued

Animal Friends / Vet Fees: How Much is Too Much?

vet fees

Evan Davis and Justin Webb took to Radio 4 in early February to ask a difficult question: When it comes to life-saving veterinary treatment, how much is too much? This question is always an uncomfortable one to answer, but it is an important one. Unless you’ve got unlimited funds at your disposal, the limit might … Continued

Animal Welfare / How Can a Pet Get Parasites?

There are many parasites that your pet may be susceptible to, which can be caught and spread through various means. Here is a list of some of the most common types of parasite that may afflict your pet. Hookworms These live in the gut and are distinguishable by their teeth and cutting plates, with the ability … Continued

Animal Welfare / What to Do If Your Pet Has Parasites

Pets are usually susceptible to parasites at some time or another during their lives. They can be contracted in a multitude of places and are present in many different forms. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean they’re impossible to treat. Caring for your pet in the best way possible will help to ensure they don’t catch and … Continued

Animal Welfare / Introducing a Baby to a Senior Pet

Introducing a baby into your life is an exciting and, sometimes daunting, time for everyone. There are new experiences around every corner and people often say that you’re never entirely prepared for the way your life will change when your family grows. For your pets it can be a confusing, or even frightening, time. The … Continued

Care / Your Pet’s Christmas Costume Could be Illegal!

The Christmas tree is up, the halls are decked and the festive clothing has been dragged from the deep dark corners of the wardrobe. Some pet owners will want to include their four legged friends in the fun and might have purchased a selection of festive pet clothing from the forever expanding ranges on the … Continued

Animal Friends / Can Pets Improve Your Working Environment?

It’s a benefit all animal-loving employees dream of having: A pet-friendly office. The idea of being able to bring your beloved cat or dog into work can be a huge relief for pet owners who worry about leaving their furry friend at home. Pets in the workplace can benefit your employees in plenty of ways, … Continued

Care / Five Useful Articles for New Cat or Dog Owners

If you’ve just become a cat or dog owner for the first time, congratulations! Whilst you must be excited and head-over-heels in love right now, you’re probably a bit scared too. There is so much to learn about your new pet, and there are countless resources out there that aim to help new owners. So, … Continued

Care / Have you Pet-Proofed your Christmas Lights?

Pets and lights are probably not the best two things to bring together at Christmas. Pets are curious and may want to get their noses into the decorations you put up at this time of year. Be aware, if you do not take necessary precautions to ensure your pet’s safety, decorations such as fairy lights … Continued