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Cat / Treatment for worms in cats

How do cats get worms? It is important to understand what happens if your cat becomes infested with worms and how you can prevent it from happening. One of the main ways cats can get worms is through the ingestion of faeces excreted by infected felines. Cats can also pass the parasites on to their … Continued

Cat / Is It Bad to Move a Cat While It Is Asleep?

You get home from a long day at work and your beloved cat has missed you dearly. Longing for the warmth of a cosy snuggle spot, they pad up onto the sofa and curl up in ball on your lap. But then you are stuck… and need the loo. Should you move your cat whilst they … Continued

Cat / What Can I Do to Make My Cat Feel Less Lonely?

While some cats seem happy to roam the streets for hours on end and just pop back home every now and again for some food, they can actually get very lonely. It’s not uncommon for a lonely cat to tear up your house and cause destruction. You know those cosy cushions in your bedroom? Forget … Continued

Cat / Why Does My Cat Keep Meowing?

There are many reasons your cat might be meowing. As kittens, meowing is a big part of life. Kittens tell their mothers they’re hungry, cold or scared by meowing. But as kittens grow up, they learn to express themselves in different ways, whether that’s by hissing, yowling or growling. Perhaps you’ve noticed that your own … Continued

Cat / A Guide to Introducing Two Cats

A guide to introducing two cats

There are many benefits to having a multi-pet household, including an increased amount of socialisation for your pets and more companionship for everyone within the home. However, introducing your new cat to ones already living within the house can be very tricky. Cats are extremely territorial, which can spark cat fights and other mischievous behaviour … Continued

Cat / Why does my cat kick litter out of their litter box?

Cleaning cat litter box

It can become very frustrating when your cat tracks litter throughout your house by accident, but even more infuriating when your pet decides to kick litter all over the room. Why do cat’s do this? Even though it may seem like your pet is just being difficult, there could be a good reason for this … Continued

Cat / Why Does My Cat Lick Me?

Kitten Licking Owners Hand

As a pet owner, it’s likely that you’ve experienced your cat licking your arm a number of times. It’s often interpreted as a sign of affection but cats are known for being notoriously independent and less obvious in their expressions of love. The behaviour of cats is often hard to understand but learning common feline … Continued

Cat / Does my cat have feline asthma?

cat at vet

Asthma in cats presents itself just like it does in humans. The condition can range from acute (sudden) to chronic (long term) inflammation of the airways, due to irritation from certain things. This can include allergic reactions or a sudden narrowing of the airways. But how can you tell if your cat is suffering? We … Continued

Cat / Product Review: My Purrfect Gift Box

Product Review: My Purrfect Gift Box We recently discovered the amazing ‘My Purrfect Gift Box’ online. This is the ultimate product for any cat lovers and aspiring caring cat ladies! You can either select a subscription, or even as a one-off gift for a loved one or yourself. These beautifully packaged boxes arrive containing special treats … Continued