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Dog / Canine Toilet-Training Options

Dog In A Crate

A topic that I have touched upon in the past but not explored fully is that of crate training a puppy. I have never crate trained a puppy and so I am curious, is it the best way, what does it actually help the puppy learn? Is it beneficial when toilet-training? Crate training seems to … Continued

Dog / Nature vs Nurture and Stereotyping Breeds


Many people today will automatically judge a breed of dog when seeing or walking past it just simply because it is a type of breed. Whilst some will class this as stereotyping, others will argue that it is a breed classification. But is it right for us as humans and dog owners to automatically jump … Continued

Dog / Is There Such a Thing as Small Dog Syndrome?

Small Dog

Over the weekend I found myself becoming involved in a debate about whether there is such a thing as ‘small dog syndrome’. There seems to be a stigma surrounding small dogs that depicts them as yappy, badly behaved canines that perhaps over react to bigger dogs around them and ‘rule the roost’ so to speak. This … Continued

Care / Helping Your Dog Grieve

sad dog

Grieving is a subject that we have touched upon before in our content here at Animal Friends Insurance. The loss of a pet is devastating and can be a hard blow for humans to take, but what about dogs? Do they grieve when an owner or fellow dog passes away?

Cat / Cremation; best for your pets?

When it comes to losing your pet, the last thing you want to do is think about getting rid of them so soon after losing them. This is an understandable feeling, but it is necessary to plan how you will go about handling your pet’s remains. If you haven’t yet considered it, perhaps a pet … Continued

Cat / Teacup Animals

Last night, ITV aired their documentary on the rising fashion of ‘teacup’ pets, and how their popularity has grown over the past few years. Helped by celebrities such as Paris Hilton, pets that can be carried around have become a fashion accessory for the masses, and Super Tiny Animals focussed on those people that have … Continued

Dog / Why Are Puppy Farms So Bad?

Yesterday I posted a piece detailing how the RSPCA is planning to tackle the puppy farm industry in Wales. To keep with this theme today I thought I would talk about why puppy mills really are so bad and why it is not a good idea to buy a dog from an unlicensed breeder. Puppy … Continued

Dog / Do Our Dogs Reflect Our Personalities?

Our dogs are like children to us and as such we are judged by our dogs’ behaviour just as much as we are by our children’s behaviour; but whilst children become more responsible for themselves as they grow older, our dogs do not ‘grow-up’ and are always dependant on us as their primary caregiver. As … Continued

Cat / How the recession is affecting pet owners

With worries of another global recession, pet owners are coming under an increasing amount of stress, showing repercussions that are affecting animal welfare shelters and the state of Britain’s pet ownership. Both the Dog’s Trust and the Blue Cross charities have noted a rise in the numbers of owners giving up their pets for adoption … Continued