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Guide / Most Popular Cat Breeds in the UK

What is a Moggy? When choosing a cat it can help to do a bit of research into what different types of breeds there are. There are generally two categories that a domesticated cat can fall into, a moggy and a pedigree. A moggy is a cat that does not belong to a specific breed … Continued

Guide / Introducing a New Pet

If you are planning to introduce a new pet into your household that already has a pet(s) then there are a few things that you can do to make the introduction and integration process a lot smoother and stress free for both you and your pets. It is advisable to pick a new pet that … Continued

Guide / Cat Health

When it comes to keeping your cat healthy, there are a number of things you can do to help ensure they have a fit and healthy life. Many people know that cats can be great fun and very rewarding but cats can also be demanding on your time. Diet Cats and kittens should be fed … Continued

Guide / Adopt or buy a Cat?

Adopting a Cat One of your first options when looking at bringing a cat or kitten into your home is to adopt. There are thousands upon thousands of cats and kittens that find themselves living in rehoming centres, shelters and even on the streets through no fault of their own.. Unfortunately the number of cats … Continued

Guide / Your Horse Stabled and in the Field

Stabling Loose boxes are the most common form of stabling. Each horse must have room to lie down, stand up and be able to turn in comfort. The recommended minimum box size for horses is 3.66m x 3.66m (12ft x 12ft) and 3.05m x 3.05m (10ft x 10ft) for ponies. These are minimums and must … Continued

Guide / Understanding Colic in Horses

Colic can be a common aliment in horses and ponies but can be one of the biggest concerns for owners. Colic is the word used to describe both mild and severe abdominal pain. There are many causes of colic, from a change of routine either in exercising or feeding to teeth or worming issues. It … Continued

Guide / Maintaining a Healthy Horse or Pony

Worming Your Horse Worms can affect all types of horses and ponies whether stabled or at grass and they can cause weight loss, colic and in severe cases death.  If a worming programme is not followed more and more worm eggs are passed out in the droppings on to the pasture, contaminating the pasture, only … Continued

Guide / Submissive Urination

Some dogs will have a habit of urinating inside the house despite having been properly trained as a puppy. If the dog urinates whenever he or she gets scared or intimidated then it may mean that they are doing it as a sign of submission. Puppies do this quite a lot as they are still … Continued

Guide / The Psychology of Dogs: Body Language

Psychology of Dogs Body Language

When talking about the psychology behind the behaviour of dogs, an important aspect to consider is body language. A dog, whilst able to vocalise using noises such as barks and yelps, cannot actually use words to tell a human how it is feeling. Therefore, in order to communicate with humans as well as other canines, … Continued