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Guide / Obesity

Pet obesity can stem from many problems, but the primary reason is a simple and obvious one; our pets aren’t using up all the energy in the food we give them. This in turn gets transferred into fat, and before long your pet is piling on the pounds. But since you can’t just give your … Continued

Guide / Frostbite and Hypothermia

Frostbite Hypothermia

When a dog is cold there a few ways that it tries to maintain its body temperature that are similar to humans. One technique that a canine’s body will use is called vasoconstriction and this is when the blood vessels tighten to reduce the volume of blood flow passing through. The purpose of this is … Continued

Guide / A Guide to Choosing a Pet Sitting Service

A Guide to Choosing a Pet Sitting Service

How Do You Know Which Pet Sitting Service to Use? There are a number of options available these days; you can place your pet into a boarding kennels or cattery, you can have them stay at someone else’s house, or even have them looked after in your own home. With this wide choice of services how … Continued

Guide / A Guide to Visiting the Beach With Your Dog

Visiting the beach with your dog is a great way to relax in summer and spend some quality time with your pet. However, there are a number of things to consider before packing up your folding chair and heading to the car. What to Take When considering what to take with you, remember that there … Continued

Guide / A Guide to Socialising Your Puppy

Taking ownership of new puppy is a very exciting time.  These furry little balls of fun seem to have limitless energy and bring much enjoyment to your house.  Of course, there is a more serious side to being a dog owner and you have a responsibility to ensure that they remain fit, happy and healthy.  … Continued