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Animal Welfare / What to Do If Your Pet Has Parasites

Pets are usually susceptible to parasites at some time or another during their lives. They can be contracted in a multitude of places and are present in many different forms. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean they’re impossible to treat. Caring for your pet in the best way possible will help to ensure they don’t catch and … Continued

Guide / Cataracts

Cataracts are caused by a clouding of the lenses and usually occur in older cats or dogs as a normal part of the aging process. They are more often than not easy to spot as they present themselves as a sort of milky glaze in a cat or dog’s eyes. As they develop they can … Continued

Care / How to Decorate Safely at Christmas

Christmas time is almost upon us and, for us, one of the best parts of festive prep is “decking the halls” and making our homes cosy, glittery and ambient. Unfortunately, with pets around, it’s not as simple. There are a number of hazards that standard Christmas decorations can pose, but don’t worry; with our handy … Continued

Guide / Caring for Wildlife in Summer

We’ve been focusing on keeping your pets safe this summer, but you might not realise that our wildlife can find heatwaves a struggle too. Not to worry though, there are things we can do to make life a little easier for wild animals. Birds Throughout protracted hot weather, birds can suffer from a lack of … Continued

Guide / Horse Senses

Just like you or me, the horse has five senses which they use in conjunction with each other to interpret their surroundings. These are touch (tactile), smell (olfactory), hearing (auditory), taste (gustatory) and sight (vision). The horse is by nature a prey animal, which requires it to be acutely perceptive and aware of its environment … Continued

Animal Welfare / Protecting Paws in Summer

Most people would agree that it’s nicer to go for walks when the weather is on the sunny side, especially following some very changeable weather throughout spring. Your dogs will certainly appreciate the opportunity to have a good run around in the sun. However, one thing many people don’t take into account is how much this … Continued

Care / Pets and Barbecues

pets and barbecues

Barbecues are a traditional part of the British summer, and some of you may already be planning one of your own. Spending time cooking with your family in the garden and exploring new flavours is great fun. However, if you’re a pet owner you need to keep a few safety tips in mind while you’re … Continued

Animal Welfare / Why Do Dogs Pant?

why do dogs pant

Most dog owners will have noticed their dog panting now and again, in other words sticking their tongues out and breathing rapidly for short lengths of time. This is ostensibly to cool down, but why do dogs pant, and are there any other reasons? Cooling down Human skin is covered in pores which release sweat … Continued

Animal Welfare / How to Protect Your Pet in Hot Weather

As summer draws nearer, protecting our pets against the heat is becoming increasingly important. Many breeds are unable to stand higher temperatures, and all dogs are at risk in these circumstances. Overheating, sunburn and sunstroke are just some examples of how pets can suffer during the warmest period of the year and as pet owners, … Continued