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Animal Welfare / Insect Bites and Stings

Summer is fast approaching and it is inevitable your pet will encounter more insects, some of which can bite or sting. This may be when out for a walk in the countryside, passing a neighbour’s flowerbed, or even whilst in the home. Although we do what we can to protect our pets it can be … Continued

Animal Welfare / What Effects Can Parasites Have on Pets?

Different types of parasite can have varying effects on the host they feed off. Here are some of the most common types and how they impact pets. Hookworm Animals infested with hookworm suffer from blood loss, because the parasite sucks the blood of its host. This can be critical for young puppies unless a transfusion … Continued

Care / 10 Spring Changes for Your Pet

spring pet

For many of us the long weekend was warm and sunny, and the extra time off afforded us the opportunity to spend some time outdoors with our pets. However, the change in seasons can cause some changes in your pets, and you may find you need to adapt your home and your habits to accommodate this. … Continued

Animal Welfare / How to Choose a Kennel or Cattery

Many people choose the summer as prime time for going away, but sometimes it isn’t always possible to take your pet with you. In this situation it can be difficult to know which kennel or cattery to entrust with looking after your dog or cat. You want to be safe in the knowledge that they will … Continued

Animal Welfare / Pet-Safe Easter Decorations

Easter means spring flowers are painting gardens with colour, houses are adorned with decorations and cupboards throughout the country are stocked with chocolate eggs wrapped in every colour of foil imaginable. Whilst this time of year may be exciting and enjoyable, many don’t realise the number of potential dangers pets encounter around Easter. However, there … Continued

Animal Welfare / Plants and Bulbs to Avoid

The sight of new spring flowers is welcome after the dreary winter. It is wonderful to walk past their bobbing heads as you take your dog for a walk, and to see vibrant new life in your garden, but you need to exercise caution where pets are concerned. Many flowers blooming at this time of … Continued

Guide / Biscuit Recipe for Cats

Biscuits are a snacking staple and, though your cat won’t benefit from the ingredients in human biscuits, you could always try an recipe for cats. This one for small cat biscuits includes chicken liver for vitamins and protein. These biscuits are intended to be given sparingly as an occasional treat and should not be considered … Continued

Guide / Easter Recipe for Dogs

For many of us, Easter is a time to gather as a family and enjoy good company and home-cooked food. Traditionally roast lamb is served, and it can be tempting to give some scraps or trimmings to your furry friends. However, while lamb is a component of many pet foods, roasted meat is not the … Continued

Animal Welfare / Bad Habits People Encourage in Their Pets

Owners often blame their pets for having bad habits, without realising they can sometimes be the cause of them in the first place. A pet can inadvertently be taught from a young age that certain behaviour is acceptable because their owners find it endearing, only for them to continue it into later life and then … Continued