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Care / Depression in Pets

By and large we understand that our pets are complex animals with a range of varying emotions and personalities, but it can be difficult to think that animals, like humans, can suffer from depression. This article will look in depth into how such a problem can manifest itself and what can be done about it. … Continued

Care / Dental Care for Dogs

One of the harder aspects of owning a dog is keeping it completely healthy. The right kind of food and exercise is a big factor in this, but often we can forget about the smaller things that can lead to just as much pain. Dental care should play a big factor with your pet dog, … Continued

Care / Grooming Your Pet

Many people believe that pets do not like to be groomed but I believe that it is a matter of routine and familiarity. If you only groom your pet twice a year then they are not going to be as enthusiastic or accepting about it as if you maintain a strict grooming schedule. If a … Continued

Care / Vigilance with Pet Medication

When thinking about how your pet can be treated for an illness or after an operation, often the first thing that springs to mind is medication of some sort. Whilst most medication aids a cat or dog back to full health, it is extremely important to consider the different drugs that can be prescribed and … Continued

Care / Dog Training Pads: A Great Way To A Toilet-Trained Pet

Despite the reported joys of having a pet dog inside the household, there are many pet enthusiasts out there who are hesitant to adopt a pet. The common reason for this hesitation is the relative inconvenience that they will encounter if and when a certain pet lives with them. Aside from having to look out … Continued