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Cat / Diabetes in Pets Hits All-time High

Cases of Diabetes in Cats and Dogs has risen over 900% since 2011 There’s been a lot of talk recently in the media about our pets eating habits and how they could impact on their health. We wanted to investigate the health of some of the pets on our database, and after a five-year study … Continued

Dog / Is My Dog Deaf?

Is My Dog Deaf? Hearing is an invaluable sense for any animal, with dogs being no exception. Although deafness is more likely in certain breeds of dog, there isn’t a single breed that is completely exempt from developing and suffering from a lack of hearing. It can often be hard to tell if your dog … Continued

Care / Exercising your Cat

Obesity in Cat is on the rise, studies shown by vets conclude that at least 1 in 4 cats in the UK are over weight or obese, this can have severe health implications for your pet including an increased risk in heart disease, arteritis, diabetes and a general loss in quality of life. There are however organised exercises you … Continued

Animal Welfare / How Can a Pet Get Parasites?

There are many parasites that your pet may be susceptible to, which can be caught and spread through various means. Here is a list of some of the most common types of parasite that may afflict your pet. Hookworms These live in the gut and are distinguishable by their teeth and cutting plates, with the ability … Continued

Animal Welfare / What to Do If Your Pet Has Parasites

Pets are usually susceptible to parasites at some time or another during their lives. They can be contracted in a multitude of places and are present in many different forms. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean they’re impossible to treat. Caring for your pet in the best way possible will help to ensure they don’t catch and … Continued

Guide / Cataracts

Cataracts are caused by a clouding of the lenses and usually occur in older cats or dogs as a normal part of the aging process. They are more often than not easy to spot as they present themselves as a sort of milky glaze in a cat or dog’s eyes. As they develop they can … Continued

Care / Pet Safe Festive Foods

Christmas treats for your pet

The Christmas season is finally upon us which can be a busy and chaotic time for everyone, including your pets. Many things that make Christmas Christmas can pose as a threat to the health of your furry family. To help you avoid an unnecessary trip to the vet this holiday season we have compiled our … Continued

Animal Friends / Smokie’s Story

Now and again our policyholders get in touch to tell us about their experience with our pet insurance, and some of the scrapes their pets get into. Smokie’s owner emailed in to tell us the remarkable story of their cat, who has definitely used up one of his nine lives! Please be advised, parts of … Continued

Health / 12 Foods You Should NEVER Give Your Pet

We all know a cat or dog who can’t resist sinking their teeth into everything they can get their paws on, whether it’s extra biscuits, table scraps or even non-food items! It can be difficult to know for sure which human foods are inappropriate for animal consumption, and some foods that we can eat can … Continued