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Health / Silent Fireworks: How Do They Help?

Gone are the days when Bonfire Night was solely celebrated on the 5th of November. Nowadays you can expect to see fireworks going up from the last weekend in October all the way through to mid-January. The rise in accessibility to fireworks means that anyone over the age of 18 can put on their own … Continued

Care / Pets and Barbecues

pets and barbecues

Barbecues are a traditional part of the British summer, and some of you may already be planning one of your own. Spending time cooking with your family in the garden and exploring new flavours is great fun. However, if you’re a pet owner you need to keep a few safety tips in mind while you’re … Continued

Animal Welfare / New Fly-Grazing Law

As of the 26th May 2015, a new fly-grazing law has come into effect that allows horses found on private land to be seized and sold within four days, with the owners charged for any damages incurred. This will hopefully be a step forward for horse welfare by deterring potential abandoners, encouraging owners to microchip … Continued

Animal Welfare / Signs of Overheating and Heatstroke in Dogs

Dogs are susceptible to overheating and heatstroke if they are exposed to too much sun, or left in areas where the temperature is too high, such as the car. Their fur coat and inability to sweat are just two of the reasons why they can overheat rather quickly, with tragic consequences that can even include … Continued

Animal Welfare / The Importance of Fresh Water

Water is the basis of good health in both humans and animals. It flushes out toxins, maintains cell function and keeps us, and them, hydrated. Consider your dependence on water and you will appreciate how important it is for your pet. 80% of a dog’s body is made up of water, so they need regular … Continued

Animal Welfare / How to Protect Your Pet in Hot Weather

As summer draws nearer, protecting our pets against the heat is becoming increasingly important. Many breeds are unable to stand higher temperatures, and all dogs are at risk in these circumstances. Overheating, sunburn and sunstroke are just some examples of how pets can suffer during the warmest period of the year and as pet owners, … Continued

Animal Welfare / Stray and Feral Cats: How to Spot the Difference

On the surface, stray and feral cats appear to be the same in that they are both animals without a home with humans, and each are descendants of domestic cats. However, there are various obvious and subtle signs based on appearance and behaviour that can help you to distinguish the difference between them. Stray cat A stray … Continued

Animal Welfare / Cat Care Tips and Tricks

Caring for a cat is sometimes difficult, especially because it can be hard to work out how they are feeling. Here are a few cat care tips and tricks to help you. It can prove challenging to entice a cat to spend time in someone’s company, and many wonder why they will often choose to … Continued

Animal Welfare / How to Look After a Kitten

Deciding to get a kitten is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly, as it could affect the next twenty or so years of your life. It is a massive commitment, but owning a cat can provide the right person with a lot of happiness. Careful preparation needs to be undertaken before you bring home your … Continued