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Be Cool / The Clam Review

Here at Animal Friends, we are always on the look for new products to review. When we received The Clam we couldn’t wait to try it out! It’s perfectly designed to hide some treats between its two “shells”, which is closed with durable Velcro. It’s a simple yet clever concept that teaches forms of agility, … Continued

Care / PawTection Product Review

  We love a good product review here at Animal Friends. We recently received a package from the Natural Dog Company, ready for us to try out and we couldn’t wait to try it! Natural Dog Company provides natural and effective healing solutions while keeping organic and natural. We were given the PawTection Challenge to try, … Continued

Cat / Product Review: My Purrfect Gift Box

Product Review: My Purrfect Gift Box We recently discovered the amazing ‘My Purrfect Gift Box’ online. This is the ultimate product for any cat lovers and aspiring caring cat ladies! You can either select a subscription, or even as a one-off gift for a loved one or yourself. These beautifully packaged boxes arrive containing special treats … Continued

Dog / Product Review: Chow Bella Spaniel Bowl

Product Review: Chow Bella Spaniel Bowl At Animal Friends, we were very intrigued when we received the Chow Bella ‘Spaniel bowl’ to review. The spaniel bowl came beautifully packaged and looks fit for any Prince or Princess pup. With its flawless glaze, fashionable colouring and cute personalised text, we can’t help but think this is … Continued

Dog / Product Review: iFetch automatic ball launcher

Here at Animal Friends, we were very excited when we received the iFetch an automatic ball launcher for review. We couldn’t honestly tell you who was more excited to do the review, Dave the Golden Retriever or us the AFI staff. We did however, after much debate, decide that maybe we would let Dave have … Continued

Animal Friends / Product Review: Bissell Pro Heat 2x Revolution

Bissell Pro Heat 2x Revolution Here at Animal Friends, many of us are pet owners ourselves, so when we were kindly sent the Bissell Pro Heat 2x Revolution we were keen to set it to work in a genuine pet-owning home. We really put this machine through its paces by trialling it in AFI employee, … Continued

Cat / Mowing the Lawn: Hidden Dangers for Animals

It’s that time of year again when those of us with gardens are dusting off our lawnmowers and strimmers to get our grass looking tip-top, ready for barbecues. However, before you get going with your gardening, it’s important to run a few checks of the lawn to make sure you and the local wildlife escape … Continued

Cat / The Torus Bowl: Review

We focused heavily on the importance of water this summer, as the hot weather can cause dehydration. However, having the heating on throughout winter can make your house a bit warm for furry family members. Providing your pet with clean, fresh water is crucial, and we’ve discovered a new bit of kit that makes it … Continued

Products & Equipment / Qtsy App Review – The Pocket Pet Show

Most pet owners will tell you their pets are the cutest ones, whether they are a perfect puppy, a snaggle-toothed senior cat or a lovely scruffy mutt. As a pet owner myself I personally believe that my small menagerie comprises the most adorable animals on the planet. However, for those who want to prove their … Continued