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Uncategorized / How and Why are Long Haired Dogs are Affected in Hot Cars?

Any dog is at risk when left alone in a hot car, but factors such as coat length can exacerbate the danger. Some length on a coat is fine, as it helps to keep the dog cool by trapping air. However, a coat that is too long can inhibit this vital process. Some dogs may … Continued

Uncategorized / How and Why Are Brachycephalic Dogs Affected When Left Alone in a Car?

Literally translated, ‘brachy’ means ‘shortened’ and ‘cephalic’ means head. Short noses and flat faces are synonymous with breeds such as Pugs, Boxers, Shih Tzus and Pekingeses, making them easily identifiable. What many people may be unaware of is how susceptible to heat-related dangers brachycephalic dogs can be. Their inability to release heat is the reason … Continued

Uncategorized / How and Why Are Senior Dogs Affected When Left in a Car?

Although no dog should be left alone in a car, senior dogs are particularly susceptible to heat-related conditions because of their inability to regulate body temperature as well as they could earlier in life. Also, members of this age group are more likely to develop illnesses as the effectiveness of their immune system decreases, which … Continued

Uncategorized / Animal Welfare Issue: The Dangerous Dogs Act

dangerous dogs act

The Dangerous Dogs Act was drafted in 1991 in what many at the time called a reactionary move following a spate of dog attacks, particularly on children. The act dealt largely in breed-specific legislation which initially criminalised the ownership, sale, exchange and breeding of certain “dangerous dogs”, and called for their mandatory destruction. If a … Continued

Uncategorized / Animal Welfare Issues: Pet Abandonment

pet abandonment

The Animal Welfare Act 2006 absorbed the Abandonment of Animals Act 1960. The Act effectively means that abandonment constitutes a criminal offence because the owner will no longer be meeting the animal’s needs, as required by law. Despite this, there are stories in the news on an almost weekly basis about yet another pet who … Continued

Uncategorized / Animal Welfare Issue: The Hunting Act

hunting act

The Hunting Act 2004 was brought in by the last Labour government, and prohibited hare coursing and the hunting of wild mammals with dogs (with some exceptions). It was controversial, with strong, loud voices on both sides of the debate. In fact, pro-hunt protesters stormed the House of Commons on the day of the vote. … Continued

Uncategorized / Animal Welfare Issue: Circus Animals

circus animals

Around the world, the issue of animals being used for entertainment is facing scrutiny. Whether it’s captive cetaceans at SeaWorld or cruelty allegations at Crufts, there is a spotlight on these “working” creatures. This is especially true of circus animals. When it comes to this issue, there has been a lot of toing and froing … Continued

Uncategorized / Animal Welfare Issue: Microchip Scanning

microchip scanning

Since their introduction in the early 1990s, ID microchips have enjoyed a certain amount of notoriety. The chips are around the same size as a grain of rice and are implanted under the skin of a pet. When scanned, they will identify the pet with a unique number which is linked to a database. On … Continued

Uncategorized / Including Pets at Funerals

Yesterday BBC South Today featured an organisation called Canine Carers. This charity encourages owners of gentle, friendly, affectionate dogs to volunteer, and visit people whose lives are enhanced by regular interaction with dogs. Canine Carers often visit the elderly in their care homes, and both children and adults in hospices, and it is sometimes people’s … Continued