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Uncategorized / World Wildlife Day

Here at Animal Friends we love to talk about pets. We’re always keen to celebrate the joys of pet ownership, from the happiness a good walk brings to the comfort we get from the company of animals. However, we are also lovers of wild animals whether they’re big, small, local, exotic, common or endangered. To … Continued

Uncategorized / Charity Tuesday: SPANA

Here at Animal Friends Pet Insurance we have long been supporters of the tireless efforts of SPANA. Through seven countries across two continents, and a number of outreach and emergency programmes, they support working animals in countless ways, such as providing maternity saddles for pregnant women in Afghanistan, raising awareness about animals used in tourism … Continued

Uncategorized / What are Harvey’s Law and Vets Get Scanning?

Any responsible dog owner will know that it is a legal requirement to identify your dog with a collar and tag, detailing your name and address. The majority of owners also choose to microchip their dogs. While microchipping is not currently compulsory in most of the UK, from April 2016 it will be mandatory for … Continued

Uncategorized / Unexpected Costs of Owning a Pet

Although it is easier to calculate how much caring for your pet will cost on a daily basis, it can be difficult to anticipate any unexpected costs you may encounter. There are many animals left at shelters throughout the UK every year because their owners are faced with an unforeseen expense and are unable to … Continued