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Cats that make us laugh

a cat yawning

Before we all became obsessed with watching funny cat videos on the internet or started making memes using photos of our own kitties, we could read about humorous feline companions in the pages of books.

And, let’s be honest, any book is instantly made better with the introduction of a cat. From comic strips in newspapers to thick books of fiction, colourful pages of graphic novels to children’s bedtime favourites, cats have appeared in them all.

We’re going to look at some of the cats that make us laugh through the pages of books, as celebrated in the Cats on the Page exhibition currently running at the British Library.

Doraemon the robotic cat

Doraemon is a Japanese manga series that revolves around a robotic cat, Doraemon, who’s sent back in time to help a little boy named Nobita. Nobita is not doing too well at school, is a victim of frequent bullying and is quite sad, that is until Doraemon arrives.

The robo-cat helps the boy by creating various gadgets (quite a lot of them involve shrinking things), feeding him toast (a very, very big slice) with the answers to his maths test on it, and generally just making his life less miserable.

Don’t we all wish our descendants would send us a robotic cat to guide us? Question is though, would it guide us or just snooze/play/hunt/scratch furniture?

a cat playing

The Adventures of Fat Freddy’s Cat

The Adventures of Fat Freddy’s Cat is a comic book series following the adventures of Fat Freddy’s cat… The cover of the very first book showed a living room in ruins while the cat sleeps peacefully in some sunshine, tired following his destructive outburst. Sound familiar?

As cats go, he’s pretty naughty and gets up to all sorts of mischief, but the comics also depict a cat that might remind you of your own, mischievous feline friend.

Fred, the cat that lived an exciting double life

You might recognise Fred from the famous children’s book by Posy Simmonds. Fred used to sleep all the time, all day, every day. His owners used to think he was the laziest cat around, but really, he was just tired from his gigs.

Yes, that’s right Fred was basically the Elvis of the cat world aka Famous Fred.

In fact, in Fred, Posy Simmonds’ cleverly used a comic-strip format to create a humorous book about a potentially dark subject – the death of a pet.

All of these works are available to be seen at Cats on the Page, a wonderful celebration of all things literary and feline which Animal Friends are proudly supporting. This exhibition is currently on at the British Library until March. As well as the cats written about here there are loads of other fantastically feline characters on display and it’s completely free to visit.

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