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Coventry Cat Group

Coventry Cat Group has been dedicated to helping cats from all backgrounds for over 20 years. The charity’s sole aim is to lookout for the welfare of cats that are in desperate need of help, love and attention, and as such, they have a number of processes in place to achieve thIS aim.

Any cat that comes to Coventry Cat Group as a stray receives a full veterinary check-up and any subsequent treatment needed. In addition, the charity will look to vaccinate, microchip and (dependent on the age of the animal in question) neuter every cat that comes into their care. If a cat is clearly feral, then they’ll be released back into a safe environment without the possibility of breeding, thus reducing the chance of colonies forming.

If a cat is already found to have a microchip then the charity will do everything in their power to reunite that cat with it’s owner. They’ll also look to find new homes for those cats that can be rehomed, but also have dedicated foster carers who can offer the more vulnerable or elderly felines a forever loving home.





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