Society for the Eradication of Cruelty to Animals is a registered non-profit charity which is an Associate Society of RSPCA and a Member Society of World Society for Protection of Animals. They are also recognized and affiliated to the Animal Welfare Board of India, Chennai, India . The charity is almost 33 years old and have been working in the city of Delhi and its environs since then. They have a sanctuary for animals in Gurgaon, 45 Kms. away from Delhi, providing a home to all the rescued dogs, cats and other animals that cannot be released .

Friendicoes concentrates on the belt between Delhi and Agra and in and around the state of Haryana.

Friendicoes, spay & neuter plus vaccinate over 8,000 stray dogs and cats annually. Friendicoes raises donations for the pre and post surgery costs of kenneling, feeding and maintenance. The spay/neuter clinics need regular maintenance, a steady supply of medicines, new cages for overnight stay of animals and staff to care for them.