Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust

Gambia Horse The Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust works tirelessly to promote welfare amongst the many horses and donkeys that are used within the rural community as working animals. Through poverty and lack of knowledge these animals have often suffered terribly so the Trust’s work is vital.

The aim is to provide the Gambians with the knowledge to deal with the problems themselves, so they have enlisted the help of World Horse Welfare to help train farriers and harness makers, they provided scholarships for students to train as paravets and link with the University of Liverpool vet school to provide training on equines. They also teach in schools and through the Donkey Club they work with the young boys who traditionally care for the donkeys and teach them to have fun, build a friendship and to take a pride in their donkeys. The Gambia horse and Donkey Trust have mobile clinics a basic hospital, laboratory facilities and stabling for 25 animals.