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Greek Animal Welfare Fund

On the fifth day of Christmas Animal Friends donated to Greek Animal Welfare Fund (GAWF)


The Greek Animal Welfare Fund (GAWF), operating in Greece and also known as Animal Action Greece, is a charity based in London and Athens that is working to improve the welfare of all animals in Greece.

GAWF was founded in 1959, and works with stray animals, working animals, pet animals, farm animals and pretty much all animals that need help. In addition to practical and veterinary work, which is often life-saving, GAWF campaigns and lobbies the Greek Parliament and the EU Parliament, supports smaller animal welfare groups in Greece, runs an education program and offers training in animal care.


GAWF believes  in working within Greece to find practical solutions to animal welfare problems.

Our fifth 12 Days of Christmas donation is to GAWF for the exciting amount of:


I was absolutely delighted to tell Nestor Rousodimos the great news after we had visited him and the team only a few months ago. GAWF do some truly amazing work and have some really exciting projects lined up next year that we’re glad to know this money will really help towards.

As always, we can’t thank our policy holders enough for continuing to use Animal Friends, as without you we would not be able to make such amazing donations.

If you want to find out more or see what they are up to,  give them a follow on TwitterFacebook or go check out their website.

Merry Christmas GAWF!





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