Mane Chance

In 2011 a shelter for injured, abandoned and maltreated horses and birds went bust, leaving 60 animals underfed and homeless. Thankfully a Surrey farm gave up some land rent-free to help out. The following spring the trustees were able to put together sufficient funds to purchase the land for the sanctuary to find a permanent home for the rehabilitation and rehoming of horses.

We've Donated £172150!

The recession was bad news for a lot of families and businesses, with many still struggling despite the economy’s slow recovery. But, sometimes, wonderful things grow from adversity and it’s safe to say that Mane Chance Sanctuary is one of them. If a horse is healthy and can expect a reasonable quality of life Mane Chance are dedicated to helping them see out their days as comfortably and happily as possible.

The sanctuary is going from strength to strength with the help of volunteers and pioneering equine specialists like James French to gain the trust of horses whose experiences may have left them skittish and anxious around humans and other animals. Their list of successes is endless and they have also forged an alliance with Shooting Star Chase Hospice and Challengers to give terminally ill and special needs children the opportunity to interact with the gentler ponies, with absolutely staggering therapeutic effects.

The sanctuary is always on the lookout for volunteers, either to help with administration, labour or at their fundraising events, like their upcoming appearance at the Kent Festival of Wildlife in Sevenoaks and their Open Days. They also offer training to keen supporters so that they can lead talks on the charity at schools, universities and other group meetings. For those with no time to spare they accept donations in a great number of ways, from the traditional cash donation to the more innovative collections of unwanted jewellery, mobile phones and ink cartridges!