Save the Rhino

Founded in 1992, the charity raises funds to disseminate to projects all over Africa and Asia, all to protect the rhino and help their populations grow. They’ve supported farming incentives for communities in Asia, breeding programmes to boost rhino numbers, anti-ivory educational projects and much more besides.

We've Donated £6000!

Over the last 45 years the wild rhino population has dropped by around 60% because of the irresponsible and unethical behaviour of humans. Ivory hunting, poaching for medicine and deforestation have brought many rhino breeds to the brink of extinction and, if numbers keep declining at the same rate, wild rhinos will have disappeared completely by 2045.

This is why Save the Rhino is so important. They raise funds through campaigning, sale of merchandise, events and endurance challenges. You may have noticed marathon runners wearing the distinctive Save the Rhino costume!

The charity firmly believes that with their multi-pronged strategy they will be able to help the rhinos do more than survive; they will thrive. By supporting this charity you are genuinely helping a species to remain in existence.