Sea Watch Foundation

On the sixth day of Christmas Animal Friends donated to Sea Watch Foundation


Sea Watch Foundation is a superb marine conservation charity, specifically taking care of cetaceans in British and Irish waters. They work to involve the public in their scientific monitoring and raise awareness of the plights of these incredible marine mammals.

This year we were delighted to donate to this wonderful charity to assist them in their work. Pollution, global warming and overfishing seriously affect the wellbeing of these creatures, and their future survival is in the hands of organisations like Sea Watch.

Our sixth 12 Days of Christmas donation is to Sea Watch Foundation for the exciting amount of:


As always, we can’t thank our policy holders enough for continuing to use Animal Friends, as without you we would not be able to make such amazing donations.

If you want to find out more or see what Sea Watch are up to, go check out their website.

Merry Christmas GAWF!