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The Exotic Pet Refuge

The Exotic Pet Refuge began by taking care of an injured bird, then became a charity that gives home to all kinds of animals. They take in creatures from all kinds of backgrounds – the RSPCA, owners who cannot care for a pet any more, organisations like zoos, injured Wildlife and more.The Exotic Pet Refuge now takes care for over 300 creatures who will live out the rest of their lives at the refuge – everything from monkeys and snakes to lynx!

It’s not only the animals who benefit from the Exotic Pet Refuge. The public are invited to visit the animals at the Refuge. And many youngsters and people with special learning needs also help at the centre for work experience. They promote public education and awareness by providing information about the animals, both the exotics and British wildlife in respect of conservation biodiversity through information panels, educational talks and field trips there.





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