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West Yorkshire Animals In Need

West Yorkshire Animals In Need rescued over 850 animals in 2012, both wild and domestic. Saving dogs from ‘death row’ in pounds and given a second chance at happiness; rescuing animals from harsh conditions such as puppies and dogs thrown from cars or sealed in cardboard boxes and left to die; abandoned cats and kittens dumped in skips and dustbins and left horses without food water or shelter. Sick & injured hedgehogs, various birds, foxes and badgers were also helped back to health and released back into the wild.

We never know from one minute to the next what we will be faced with! It could be rescuing an emaciated, elderly sick dog and rushing it to the vets to be treated or extracting a hedgehog that has become firmly stuck in an uncovered drainpipe! We care for all animals no matter what the circumstances, providing the right medical treatment and hands on care dependant on whether they are wild or domesticated animals. The domestic animals that we care for are in need rehoming through no fault of their own, WYAIN are there to support them rehabilitating back to health and ensuring they are trained well enough to be rehomed. While the wild animals are treated and when able and weather is suitable they are returned back to the wild.

WYAIN have a strict ‘No Kill’ policy and will only ever euthanasia when there is no other option available and where the animal is suffering. Finding homes for these animals who have been rescued and bought back to full health is important to us, as well as searching for a strays owners, if they cannot be found then finding a loving permanent home for the cats, dogs with the right people is the aim. Animals that can’t be re homed, due to health or mental problems and yet enjoy a good quality of life remain with us for the rest of their lives. We also have a proactive and strict neutering policy; this ensures that domestic animal populations are reduced, so that the number of those needing to find a home is in the long term reduced.

Along with the hands on aid, care and support we give to domestic and wild we also ensure that the welfare of animals worldwide is covered, offering help and advice to the public and we support worldwide campaigning, lobbying and petitions to improve animal welfare. Offering help other rescues in countries like Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey is also important to us.





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