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Does your vet use Pawtal? Here’s why they should…

When taking your dog or cat to the vet we understand the paperwork, phone calls and claim forms are all added stress to a time that’s already draining enough. That’s why we offer Pawtal, a same-day claims payment system that allows us to deal directly with your vet, so you get to skip the extra stresses.

Here are just some of the reasons your vet should be using Pawtal.

  1. No paperwork for you, our customer

That’s right, you don’t need to worry about the paperwork which means you can concentrate on your pet and their recovery. We’ll text you to let you know when your vet has submitted the claim so that you’re kept in the loop too.

  1. You aren’t out of pocket

You won’t need to pay anything but your excess and a co-payment, if applicable to your policy, we’ll deal with your vet directly and sort out the money side of things. This is subject to your policy’s limits and exclusions, meaning there might be other deductions that you would have to cover, too.

  1. Pre-authorisations within an hour

If your pet needs to undergo a costly procedure your vet is able to contact us through Pawtal and we’ll let them know if it’ll be covered by us in 60 minutes, or less.*

  1. Vets can find your policy details

When your pet is at the vets it can be quite hard to remember everything, and your policy details can quite easily be forgotten in times of worry. With Pawtal, a vet can now gain access to your policy details so if you’ve forgotten the limits or exclusions your vet will be able to find out when submitting your claim.

  1. We can now pay you directly

Your vet can now choose who we pay the claim to. This means if you’ve paid towards your claim, we can now pay you directly once your claim is settled. We can still pay your vet, too, but the option’s there for us to reimburse you.

So, if your vet isn’t using Pawtal why not let them know it’s better for you and them? It’s quick and easy, and they can submit claims from the day they sign up, too!*

*Based on vets who sign up before 4 pm and, if registration is accepted, vets can start submitting claims through Pawtal on the same day.


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