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FOUR PAWS: bear rehabilitation process

FOUR PAWS: bear rehabilitation process 1

You might have seen our call on Facebook to help us name a bear that was recently rescued by FOUR PAWS along with his friend, Anya. We were so honoured to be able to sponsor the rescue and thought that Potap deserved a new name for his new life at the sanctuary and our Facebook followers voted for Frankie, meaning ‘he who is free’. We thought this was the perfect pick as the two bears have been kept in captivity in terrible conditions since they were young, with Frankie previously being used for circus performances.

What’s next for Frankie and Anya?

Anya and Frankie arrived safe and sound at their new home at FOUR PAWS’ BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr. They were then placed in an indoor enclosure so they could start the recovery process undisturbed, the journey and gradually get used to their new surroundings.

While this may seem strange, it is a very important step in ensuring that the bears are not overstrained or overwhelmed. To them, everything at Domazhyr is new, surrounded by strange noises, unfamiliar smells, alien surroundings and different people.

From here, Anya and Frankie were released into the adaption enclosure separately at their own pace. They will spend time together in the enclosure, too, but this is to be decided by the animal caretakers and vets who will be studying the animals to see how they are coping in their new environment.

Frankie and Anya are happy in their outdoor enclosure

Frankie and Anya are well and enjoying their new life at the fullest. Most of the time they are outside in the enclosure and splashing around in the pool. They just make use of the bear house when it’s too warm. They even stay outside when it’s raining: https://www.facebook.com/BearSanctuaryDomazhyr/videos/313692023236668

However, not all animals react in the same way when introduced to their outdoor enclosure for the first time, with some not even wanting to venture outside once the gate opens. Considering what these animals have been through in their lives, this sort of reaction is normal, and they’re not forced to do anything they don’t want to do.

Rescued bears often don’t know what grass is, or how it feels under their paws, so it can be a lot to take in. It can take weeks or even months until they’re used to their new home and get to live out a life free from small cages and forced performances.

Sometimes, the real work to help these animals starts when they’ve arrived at the sanctuary, but the FOUR PAWS team are delighted that they are already living out their lives confidently.

Keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page for any updates on their progress.

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