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Getting Out and About on Boxing Day

Getting Out and About on Boxing Day 1

With the run-up to Christmas over, the excitement’s fading away and there’s no more advent calendar chocolate to be had it’s easy to want to laze around in brand new pyjamas. If you have a dog, you will have to get changed at some point (or just chuck some wellies on!) and venture outside to take the dog for a walk.

Exercise is still important

Whether you start the day with a family walk or go for a stroll once lunch has settled, it’s important to stick to your dog’s routine as much as possible. You could stick to your usual routes or make the most of the time off and find somewhere new.

There’s nothing better than a clear and crisp Boxing day walk to burn off all the food you’ve eaten over the last few days.

Food temptations

While it’s important to make sure your dog’s involved in the Christmas celebrations it’s important to avoid any temptations to feed your dog any of your lovely leftovers.

While you might think you’re treating your dog it might not be helping them avoid the risk of contracting diabetes.

Rise in diabetes

According to our data from 2015-2017, diabetes in dogs has risen by 275%. While we don’t know whether diabetes is to do with genetics or the lifestyles of the dogs and their owners, there is a significant contributing factor: obesity.

Our data shows that Westies, Labradors and King Charles Spaniel were the breeds most susceptible to diabetes.

Getting Out and About on Boxing Day

So, instead of giving them any leftovers, why not buy them some special doggie treats to be given as part of their balanced diet? There are plenty of treats available from different shops or online, even if your dog is on a special diet like grain or gluten-free.

This is why walks and exercise are so important to our four-legged friends as well as sticking to their appropriate portion sizes to keep our pets lean. Those puppy eyes may be tempting but don’t give in and keep a close eye on any children sneaking human treats to their best friends.

Whatever the weather, get out and about over the Christmas period and enjoy the freshness with your family, dogs included.

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