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How big are your balls?

Buying dog toys is an important part of pet parenting and playing provides important mental stimulation for our canine friends. With so many toys on the shelves of pet shops, it can be overwhelming to find the right toy for your dog.

According to our claims data, 44 dogs found themselves at the vet last year for choking incidents with the average claim payable at £228.33. Seeing your pet struggle in an emergency can be stressful and buying suitable toys can help avoid your dog choking on their playthings.

How to pick the right toy for your dog

Finding the right toy for your dog can be quite easy and will come down to your dog’s interests and personality but making sure you buy the right sized toy for your pooch is the difficult bit. Here’s a guide on how to pick the perfect toy for your dog.


If your dog loves a good game of fetch, then balls (and an endless supply of them) are a must-have to keep your pet entertained. Picking the right-sized balls for your dog is important, so make sure you chose a ball that’s too big to be accidentally swallowed and small enough to be comfortably carried in your dog’s mouth.

There are mini and large balls available for those with small and giant breeds, while a standard tennis ball might be suitable for most breeds. There are other alternatives to balls, too, with retrieval toys helping make fetch just as fun.

Soft toys

Some dogs love soft toys and adore to rip them apart from the very moment they get their hands (or paws) on a plush. Then we all know what happens next, stuffing everywhere, but at least they’ve lost the squeaker!

Be careful with the toy’s entrails, though, as squeakers and stuffing can pose as choking hazards. Make sure you supervise your dog when they play with soft toys to stop them from swallowing something they shouldn’t.

To be on the safe side, you can alternatively buy soft toys without stuffing or squeakers for toy destroyers.

Durable toys

As indestructible as a toy might describe itself, these can still be destroyed by your dog’s gnashers, and the small pieces that they can chew off could be a hazard.

Other toys

Rope toys, floating toys, chew toys, frisbees, and puzzles are all great options to keep your dog’s brain stimulated but remember that every dog should be supervised when they’re playing. Make sure you keep an eye on your dog’s playthings and throw them out as soon as you notice that they’re starting to fall apart.

So, how big are your balls? Are your toys the right size for your dog’s age, breed, and size? For more advice on pet-parenting keep an eye on our blog.

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