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How Hilton Herbs Shampoo Helps Archie the Border Terrier

Hilton Herbs Bathtime

Last week was bath time for Archie; a very rare event in our household. As some people know Border Terriers produce their own natural oils that help keep their coats waterproof, so bathing should not be done except in matters of real need. Well last week was a matter of real need, I am not sure what he had found on his walks but you could smell him from a mile off! There was no way he was going in the house until the bath had been run and he was in it!

The problem I have with Arch is that he has incredibly sensitive skin so all his shampoos have to be gentle and all his bedding washed with non-biological detergent. One of the brands I have discovered that suits him is the Hilton Herbs range of shampoos. On the bottle it was described as a medicated shampoo, with antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, containing three classic ingredients (coal tar, neem oil & Tea Tree oil) to produce a pleasant smelling, cooling and cleansing lather; ideal for horses or dogs with dull, dry coats or scurfy skin.

What I especially liked about the Hilton Herbs shampoo was that it lathered up nicely but not so much that it went all over the place, meaning Archie’s eye were safe from contact. I also found that it removed the odour completely without being over perfumed, so both Archie and I didn’t smell too clean for hours after the dreaded act of bathing him.

Border terriers often look like fluffy bears after bathing because of their double coats but Archie’s coat didn’t fluff up as much as usual and soon re-established its natural look. I now regularly use Hilton Herbs when bathing my little troublemaker as he is always coming back smelling of something awful!

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