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1.5 Million Dogs Still Not Microchipped

Is your dog microchipped yet? Just 4 weeks until it becomes a legal requirement.

With a new law on microchipping dogs coming into to practice on the 6th April, we conducted some research on the current state of play for microchipped dogs.

Shockingly, it’s been revealed that nearly 1.5 million dogs across the UK have not been microchipped. Owners now have just four weeks to rectify this or they’ll face a £500 fine.

Our research also showed that 12% of dog owners in the UK own one or more dogs that they’re not sure our microchipped.

When we asked why their dog wasn’t microchipped, one in ten owners (10%) said their pet never leaves their side or somewhere safe such as a house. 7% said microchipping wasn’t necessary as their pet wears a collar or tags.

To help support owners with microchipping, the charity, Dogs Trust, has been offering a free service and says that is has microchipped 955,000 dogs. A spokesperson for the Trust said it was working to reach owners who may be unaware of the new rules.

The microchips should make it easier to reunite lost dogs with their owners.  The government says that dealing with lost and stray dogs costs councils and animal charities £57 million a year.

During our survey, 23% of people stated they have owned a dog or more than one dog that has gone missing. 61% of all owners got their missing or stolen pet back, while 39% did not.

Most dog owners understand the benefit of having their pet microchipped, and are happy to comply with the new law. However, this unfortunately doesn’t cover all cases, making it very difficult to reunite pets with their owners.

We would suggest that anyone who has concerns about the new regulation speaks to their vet to ensure any questions they have are answered.

All dogs over 8 weeks old must have a chip and owners will have a responsibility to keep their information on the database up to date. As database providers charge for a change of details some owners may be reluctant to keep the information up to date but failing to do so will incur a fine after April 6th.

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