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National Napping Day

Today is National Napping Day, so here are some interesting facts about sleeping animals:

  1. Cats sleep more than a lot of other animals, at around 16 hours a day and a total of 70% of their entire lives. This is to conserve energy for hunting, and the fact they are natural predators means they can afford to sleep more than some other animals.
  2. The reason why dogs sometimes curl up in a ball to sleep is due to an ingrained instinct from long ago that they employed to protect their organs and abdomen from predators as they slept. They also do it to keep warm.
  3. Pigs prefer to sleep nose to nose, snuggled together in nests.
  4. Whales and dolphins can sleep with just one half of their brain, whilst the other half stays awake. The sleeping alternates between their brain hemispheres, and means they can still surface and breathe.
  5. Ferrets can fall into an extremely deep sleep, which is often difficult to rouse them from. This is known as ‘ferret dead sleep’, because they appear to be lifeless.
  6. Grizzly bears can give birth in their sleep when hibernating during the winter.
  7. Humans and dogs have the same sleeping patterns – slow wave sleep (SWS) and rapid eye movement (REM).
  8. An albatross can sleep when it flies, up to 25mph.
  9. Giraffes only need about 1.9 hours of sleep on average.
  10. Goldfish can sleep, but it is more like a rest period. They become less active and remain in one area of the tank, moving slightly to remain stable in the water. The fact they don’t have eyelids means they sleep with their eyes open.
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