Animal Friends

Our Animal Friends: Fraggles & Rufus

Your name and department:  Claire – Sales Equine

Your pet’s names:  Fraggles and Rufus

How old are they:  Fraggles is 9 years old.  Rufus is 4 years old.

Breed:  Cross-breeds

What do they look like:  Fraggles is white with a tan head, tan spots and a scruffy coat.  Rufus is black/dark brown with a white nose and bib.


What are their favourite…

Toys:  Balls and anything without stuffing

Food:  Dog food and they also love mayonnaise and yogurt!

Things to do:  chasing squirrels, destroying toys, playing tug-of-war

Tell us your favourite story about your pet:

Fraggles once jumped off a moving quad bike onto a squirrel!

Rufus has always been healthy but Fraggles once fell out of the boot of the car and had very bad bruising.