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Elena Barnard

Animal Friends Pet Insurance

Millie the Horse

Staff member:  Emma from the Claims Department

Horse’s name: Millie (Follow Me Z)

Age: 16

Breed: Warmblood

Appearance: Bright bay with a star and snip.

What is her favourite…

Toy: She has a stable mirror which has become her best friend after having our old pony put to sleep.

Food: Sarcen Re-Leve – the feed that got her back in shape after illness and smells delicious.

Thing to do: Show jumping and hacking around Salisbury plain.

Tell us more: After everything she has been through she has an amazing personality and always gives her best when out competing and schooling at home.

Millie has had multiple problems with her health over the years and at just 4 years old suffered with a severe colic attack resulting in surgery. After her surgery she got toxaemia and we were told she may not pull through. Being the fighter that she is she got over it all and still fights through anything thrown her way.

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